Designing Women

About Designing Women

Founded in 2014, Designing Women champions women UX professionals with networking events, design labs and speaking opportunities. We work with companies to explore the benefits of inclusion in innovation.


Gain real-world insights from professionals on UX design and research.


Explore new techniques and fine-tune design skills with knowledgeable leads and great company.


Meet experience designers, researchers and authors working in San Diego and beyond.


Learn and share with user experience leaders.

Small Talks

Shiae Park, Amanda Pattridge, Elina Kim

Live Offline

See It, Be It

Ha Phan

Live Offline

Live Offline

Syp Vandy Siligato and Katie Ramp

See It, Be It

Kara DeFrias

Exploring the Problem Space

Indi Young

Brainstorming for Ideation

Kavita Appachu

Journey Mapping

Julie Baher

Build Better Products

Laura Klein

Experience Prototyping

Gini Keating and Anne Konertz

User Research

Expert Panel

User-Driven Culture

Dawn Nidy and Kristy Avgerinos

Prototyping Design

Shiae Park